Limonene, another aspect of our passion for citrus fruits

At Zumos Palma We also work with the natural substance that is extracted from the oil of citrus peels and gives their characteristic smell. This oil can be distilled by different techniques and used in foods and as a natural degreaser.

In recent years it has acquired a special significance because of its demand as biodegradable solvent. It also has applications as aromatic component and is widely used to synthesize new compounds.

Limonene is considered a clean heat transfer agent and environmentally safe. It is used in many food and pharmaceutical processes as flavoring and for taste. It is finding wide use in the industry of household cleaning products, in the food and cosmetics industry, in part because its flavor is pleasant. It is also used in resin solvents, pigments, inks, paints, in adhesives manufacturing, as additive in fragrances, as odor control, etc.
Derived and intermediate products of the limonene are the p-cimeno, which applies to fragrances, polymers (PET) and perillyl alcohol.