All the options you require to enjoy our products

At Zumos Palma we offer our customers different packaging lines, bottle sizes and types of products derived from fruit juice, such as:

FC JUICE CONCENTRATE: developed from concentrated juice and water (without sweeteners) with our without pulp.
NFC SQUEEZED JUICE, NOT CONCENTRATE: developed from 100% pure fruit or vegetable juice, with or without pulp.
NECTARS: over 50% fruit content.
FRUIT JUICE DRINKS: Less than 50% fruit content. Made from squeezed juice or juice concentrate, water and sweetener, with or without pulp.
FRUIT-MILK: Made from squeezed juice or juice concentrate, water and sweetener.

All packaging lines include:

  • CIP cleaning system.
  • Distribution facilities (cap applicators, aggregators, shrinks and packers)
  • Brik and case automatic transport
  • Palletizer robots for the cases.

In Zumos Palma have different types of packaging for our customers to choose the most suitable for your needs.


Brick Prisma1L

Brick Prisma 330L

Brick Slim 2L

Brick Slim 1L

Brick Slim 200ml